In recent years, "Angels" by Robbie Williams has been adopted as a Cuths anthem, where the word 'angels' has been cunningly repl
Genealogy can be fun by Derrick Phillips (Classics, 1956 - 1959)
My Antarctic adventure By Dr. Bill Block (Zoology and Animal Ecology 1956-1963)
Names by Bruce Steele (English, 1957-60)
"Pearls of Wisdom" is a brand new collection of new and unpublished articles written and submitted by Cuth's alumni.
“It was blockade wot won it”- A naval centenary by Dan van der Vat (Classics, 1957-1960)
You can order a special Cuths 125th Anniversary CD-Rom of memories for only £5 + P&P by emailing Derrick Phillips on
The Parsons Field site, now an integral part of Society life and accommodation, was handed over to the Society in 2005 having previously being occupied by the Graduate Society (now Ustinov College
We are delighted to announce the full calendar of Alumni Association events for 2016. As with all events, they are organised by fellow Cuths alumni.
It is now customary that each year in the Vice-Chancellor’s matriculation speech, first-year students are told, “Don’t let your degree get in the way of your education”.