Ranald Michie becomes a Freeman of the City of London


In recognition of a lifetime's career dedicated to the history of the City of London and the development of financial markets, Professor Ranald Michie, former Senior Tutor of St Cuthbert's Society who retired as Professor of History in 2014, was admitted as a Freeman of the City of London in June.  This Medieval honour is believed to have first been bestowed in 1237.

Ranald was proposed and seconded by two former Cuthbert’s students who are themselves both Liverymen and Freemen of the City: Simon Stanley (1989) and Michael Izza (1982). Ranald was presented with a vellum document at a ceremony held at the Guildhall by the Clerk of the Chamberlain’s Court.  Following the ceremony, there was a celebratory lunch at Lincoln's Inn with Dinah Michie, their sons Alexander and Jonathan and Cuthbert’s Association Chairman Mark Rowland. 

Ranald was an extremely popular Senior Tutor at St. Cuthbert’s Society during the 1970s and 1980s. He initiated major changes in the way the Society was managed, increasing the housing stock and ensuring that each house made a profit. In working tirelessly to enhance the relationship between the JCR and the Society’s management, he personified the values and ethos of St. Cuthbert’s.

Unlike senior tutors in the colleges, Ranald was a full-time academic in the history department. He resigned with reluctance to cope with the demands of research and publishing. However, his influence and wisdom remained available to Cuthbert’s as a member of the SCR and of the Society Council and as a Fellow of the Society.

He has built up a major reputation in the study of the development of financial institutions and their global interrelations. His research has concentrated increasingly on the history of global securities markets and of the City of London as it moved from trade to finance and from a domestic to a global stage. He has published several books and a host of articles and academic papers.

Ranald Michie is an Emeritus Professor at Durham University.

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