'Pearls of Wisdom' collection of articles by Cuths alumni is launched

"Pearls of Wisdom" is a brand new collection of new and unpublished articles written and submitted by Cuth's alumni.

We have asked - and continue to ask - for as many Cuths men and women to contribute an article for this collection which will be placed permanently on the Association's website cuths.org and potentially in print in future. The articles can be on any subject of your choice and there is no prescribed length. 1500 words or more would be very acceptable, less if you want. Photos would be great. The subjects can range over academic, scientific research or interests, hobbies, biographical, literary, historical, musical, sporting, comical verse - in fact anything that you are interested in writing about.

The first batch of articles include:

Please email contact@cuths.org with any questions or to submit an article.

Special thanks go to Derrick Phillips for coordinating this collection.

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