Henry Tudor's History of the Society


The book entitled 'St Cuthbert's Sociey - The history of 'a modest but exciting institution in the University of Durham' was written by Henry Tudor, a former Resident Tutor of the Society.

The book was published by St Cuthbert's Society in 1988 as part of its centenery celebrations.

Henry Tudor wrote:

"This book will, no doubt, be of interest primarily to past and present members of Durham University and especially to those who are, or have been, members of St Cuthbert's Society. Howver, I have also tried to address a wider audience. In this I have been helped by the fact that, throughout its history, the Society has been a looser and more open community than most university colleges. It has therefore been more subject to the influence of, and more responsive to, changes in the outside world. It's hisory is, for this reason, inextricably bound up with that of the University and, indeed, of higher education in England, and it is this aspect that I have sought to exploit in the hope of making this book something more than just a trip down memory lane with hagiographical asides".