2005.11.25 Refounders House renaming ceremony


The Parsons Field site, now an integral part of Society life and accommodation, was handed over to the Society in 2005 having previously being occupied by the Graduate Society (now Ustinov College). This included Parsons Field Court (which had housed Cuths freshers for a number of years), Fonteyn Court, Fisher House, and a to-be-demolished building now rebuilt as Brooks House. The name Fisher House was transferred by Ustinov up to their new premises at Howlands Farm, leaving an opportunity for Cuths to rename the building as it wanted.

Many names were proposed for the new building, but it was enthusiastically decided to honour the refounders of the Society with the name Refounders House.

Richard Peralta (Society President 2005-2006) and Roy Boyne (Society Principal) were delighted to welcome Albert Hodgson, Eric Hopkins, and Robin Auld of the refounders cohort to unveil the new plaque and say a few words to the gathered crowd, and to present them with Cuths ties. In true Cuths fashion, the proceedings were heartily celebrated with drinks provided by the catering staff.


Twilight renaming ceremony for Refounders House


The Refounders

The Society was closed for the duration of the Second World War but was re-opened in 1946 by the ‘Refounders’. They were mainly men who had served in the armed forces and wanted to complete their degree courses or had decided to take up opportunities to follow professional careers.


The Refounders have been an active part of Society life long since they have left the University, with an annual reunion held in September each year now being the basis for the Association AGM weekend. They are also honoured in the Refounders & Military Formal dinner, the 2015 version of which is detailed in our alumni relation officer's blog under the date 28th Feb 2015.



The Refounders

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Photos from the (re)naming ceremony of Refounders House in 2005