Alumni Association aims

We exist to further a number of core aims. Because we are formed exclusively of fellow Cuths alumni, you can get involved in any or all of these in whichever ways you like. You can also help suggest new types of activities to further our aims - we are always up for new ideas. 


What are the Alumni Association's aims? 

How do we meet these aims? 

How can I get involved? 
[Contact us for details]


Help alumni keep in touch with friends they made while at St Cuthbert’s

Organising events, connecting people via our social media accounts

- Become the website manager
- Help us develop our social media strategy



Organise reunion events, dinners, sports and a varied social calendar for alumni

Holding events for special occasions, by location or by year group

- Be the representative for your year group and organise a reunion
- Volunteer as a location rep
- Come to an event!



Keep alumni up to date with St Cuthbert’s Society and University of Durham news

Publishing news on, social media, and via the Cuthbert's Chronicle and Durham Newswire

- Share your news with us



Provide help and assistance to alumni whenever possible

Running industry networking events (to be re-energised)

- Volunteer to run an industry event
- Be a Career Angel for current JCR members (our future members)



Fundraise and provide financial support to the Junior Common Room and members of St. Cuthbert’s Society

Funding a new annual 'Ranald Michie Award' for outstanding contribution to the Society by a fresher, and supporting the military scholarship scheme.

- Let us know whether there is a particular cause you'd like to support



Act as guardian of St Cuthbert’s Society, ensuring its heritage is respected and its future protected

Publishing research into WWI fallen, an updated Society History, and producing the 125th anniversary CD of memories

- Let us know your thoughts and what is important to you as a Cuths alumnus or alumna
- Help us catalogue and digitise archives in Durham



 There are also a number of other ways you can help in the running of the Alumni Association itself including helping us maintain our core aims and constitution, or getting involved in the Alumni Association's committee.


Posted by Richard on Mon, 15/02/2016 - 4:46pm